Interview With A Rurounie: Page 6 - August 17th, 2003, 6:00 pm
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A-Chan: Just so you know this is how Kenshin got the poster: Kenshin was on the search for Hikko he did some research and learned that Hiko was a cape model and Kinshin's infromant him the poster, and told Kenshin that Hiko is a potter now..

J-Chan: Here's the last page... ^.^

Our disclaimer:
The Hall of Bish does not own any part of Kenshin or any of his little friends, acquaintances, enemies etc. etc.

We just rent...for free ^.^

Inner J-Chan: If you call using up your saved anime money to buy dvd's �free" -.-

A-Chan: This concludes our Fan Manga Interview with a Rounie, Thank you for reading please give us feed back in the tag board, messgae board, or guest book..!

If you like please read the fan fic, it has a bit more details then the fan-manga. Here is the link to The Fan Fiction: [link]


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