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A Surprise Visit!

Welcome to "The Hall Of Bish"! "The Hall of Bish, where Bishounen & Bishoujo roam free." We A & J Chan interview Bish and create fan manga, art, and fan fiction. Bish = Bishonen and Bishoujo = All around Beautiful people.!! WE ONLY OWN THE RIGHTS TO A-Chan and J-Chan and our story lines. All manga and anime characters are copyrighted to their own individual artists.



WOOT! My Partner in this project just joined and became a joint Author! I am excited about this because I know she will be bring a lot to the table and now she has the time to work on the story and stories to come!! Whats best is she has agreed to come back after almost ...... 6 years ... That is a long time, but matters is she is here!!

She is very talented and I can not wait to see more of Jchan and Achan and their guests!!! Thank you for your support!!

~Amy Jane

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